Feeling blue

After work had during this weekend for me saturday and sunday will be my time to do some wedding list that i must done everyweek, i cant sleep well if i am not doing one by one list to do.

So nervous all by myself, i cant share my pathetic feeling to my parents or family or some best fren. The feeling only can share to someone i trusted so well and understood 100% my condition.

Some financial worries from his side made our days last week a bit disturbed. And see him get head ache to think about this problem made also so much tension. When all your friend get busy with their life either and you feeling so fragile and some opinion making only discourage us.One of the brother i really trusted as when i asked his opinion and he told the story that he has face this hardship and he did pass this way and his problem is more than what i have.

After he gave me enlightmen. my confidence booster come back, now im standing strong to face all the life.I felt i have someone to support my decision, all family now supported me well but still in the end of the day i must arrange everything by myself.

Why i have to concern and get headache with too many opinion from other which in the end of the day, thats will be me and him only.

Thanks to bro Adam which always give me supportĀ  when im feeling blue.

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