Ramadhan 1433 Hijriyah

Ramadhan is one of a month in Islamic calender which all muslim all over the world will do fasting from sunrise in ( time will be different according to the area ) around 4  a.m in my time ( Indonesia ) and same to him in America, untill sunset or Maghrib time for me around 6. p.m and him around 9 p.m in.1433 Hijriyah is islamic calender year as this present year in A.D is 2012.

so here i want to explain about how different the condition and the feeling to having my Ramadhan month in Indonesia as all the populations majority are muslims as you know that Indonesia is the biggest muslim country in the world ( No. 1 ) so having Ramadhan here is such one special full of joy moments and special but to him is a very hard time. Let me brief how totally we having different situation facing this Ramadhan


He has around 17 hours as the prayer time for fajr till maghrib time, i only have around 13 hours from my Fajr time around 4 a.m till maghrib time 6.pm and sure it will affect with his power for doing his normal activity during the day.


He stay in in minority muslim country offcourse to him a bit difficult, in his office nobody do fasting as he is the only muslim in there so when all his colleagues having a coffe or enjoying breakfast will be a bad temptation for him. And sure when he is go outside as well all public restaurants, foodcourt still open which many people around having food. Totally different in my place, in my town all public facilty like resturant, cafe, niteclub and foodcourt is closed during daylight as all people do fasting. No people roaming around which food in their hands, eventhough some nonmuslim people will respect and wont eat in public area during fasting day in Ramadhan.

Iftar with FAMILY

Iftar mean break the fasting at the maghrib time, Iftar Menu will be delicious food and sure more variety and more special then outside Ramadhan. Mostly we do iftar like having dinner together with all family members, Ramadhan also strengthen the bond between us which outside Ramadhan some family members dont join dinner together due busy life but in Ramadhan seems all different, we sit in a dinner table and talk and its best moments. to Him, oow totally different, he is alone, making his own iftar food at his own flat, which making simple menu as well nothing special, no sweets, no cakes, nothing, indeed he need more power and keep fit during the day of his normal working hours ( 8 hours ) but his menu for the iftar is less of nutritions and less healthy to me. One  fact in Indonesia when Ramadhan coming is we are mostly gain weight not reducing weight lol.He eat alone and he must do it all by himself, ( Sorry Hon, next year you wont be ^_^ )


In Indonesia, during Ramadhan, Gooverntment instruct to all companies to adjust the working hours with the condition of fasting periode, so mostly will reduce one hours like in my company normally we work 8 hours during Ramadhan only 7 hours. to Him, no difference still 8 hours with really hot summer there!Once i saw his face really pale as the weather and get exhausted from his long hours work and hectic job.

EID holiday

Ied ul fitri is the day to all muslim in the world on celebration after 30 days fasting, the time all people having long holiday for visiting family and so on. So somehow national holiday in Indonesia for ied days will be 2 days and plus week end will be more longer.So we really enjoy the holiday as Ied Indonesia wil be seems the celebration of Christmas in western countries like in USA. So to Him in USA will no holiday for Ied, no good food, no family gathering like i had in here.

And some more different situation, hoping this  Ramadhan will be the last Ramadhan for him in non muslim country as his and my hope. Ramadhan in Indonesia will become paradise to him insya Allah..

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