So close so real by Smartphone

Doesn’t mean i get paid from RIM to posting about this, but personally i am use this smartphone for my work (Blackberry ) although i am using Apple product as well to get connected with him everyday for Skype apps from everywhere,  i am using my Iphone 4 most of the time to see each other while he using his Macbook.

Ever since he have Blackberry our life we become more closer, as i am also a blackberry user since 3 years ago, from Blackberry Messenger we chatting and share pic any moments, and in case we cant type we can send the voice note, even i can hear her mother send me voice note, no more borders that he has to be with his laptop to share something with me.

We used to send picture through email before for sharing our days for certain moments but now anytime he can share, what he doing there in 8000 miles away, when he even not response i figure it out that he was slept away.

Long distance relations need all this instruments for strengthen the chemistry and sure keep the fire of love stay on fire, and sure these gadgets helps  ^_^

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