Gift package from Monkey

Finally here after some months this box arrived in my home, some days ago actually, while i just arrived from work, home late as usuall, my neighbour knocking door and told me that i got package from post man today

Then suddenly i was so excited and open the door and get the box, and go get my iphone and told monkey then we did “facetime” and he saw me open the box

i got some gift there and some for my dad, mom and most of the stuff is for me, and also Pinky Monkey here with me so Moomoo has Monkey here !!


4 thoughts on “Gift package from Monkey

    1. Maaf nih kebiasaan pakai blog di blogspot di WP jadi bingung, hihi baru utak atik maaf ya mbak, ini pun mesti pintar2 manage waktu kalo nggak wah baca aja susah nih mbak… aku pembaca setia blog mbak kok..

    1. Iya mbak, sory replynya lama banget ya, soalnya jarang utak atik ini blog, sejak nikah waktunya mepet-mepet semua he he …
      sip aku pembaca setia blognya kok 🙂

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