Fragile day

counting down for about 128 days to go for the big day, we having a bit a pathetic weeks, excatly on his side there. We are both struggle to make it happen for the big day together, we set it up, we plan, we booked the exact date and for sure all the budget.

Be honest financial issue is the most fragile in this case, shifting out from there to here need big effort from him, i know that my life is abit easy here where now i have a decent job with office hour timing and so on, and in the other side he must be struggling alone there in the winter season with physically work and for sure the hardship is the living cost in there so high.

No matter how high your income then you must pay the bill and sure the tax, and make me realise and the more way to make me really love INDONESIA  as my home so much for this case. Better to have medium income but lower living cost and for sure nice warm weather and ya many things in Indonesia which make me gratitude anyway except for traffic jam in Jakarta. The rest, still we love to be Indonesian  😉

Anyway back to my reality for me & him after having a very hard day yersterday we keep on our planning, keep going and never give up. I will do my best part to make this happen baby!!

I dont care no matter how many times i have fall down but the most important thing is when everytime i fall down i can standing strong to keep on running and to make me closer to my destination.

Life is once so live it up the life to the fullest !!!

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