Blessed Friday

In Islam for a week we know that we had special day ” friday” or Jumah, and Jumah / friday we always know as great day full of blessed, and its really happened to me today.

In all my nervous and hustle and bustle day for preparing my wedding day ( still more about 4 months to go ) as i am not using WO ( Wedding Organizer ) so need to do step by step.Today i am about to meet the Person In Contact for Wedding Hall and i wanna ask for make sure everything for the day, like decorations and sure also the due date of my payment. Which is to me dillema that my future hubby will come to Indonesia about – 11 days before our wedding day and for sure he will passing many bureaucrachy and we are aparted for 14000 km away.

Today before jumah pray i drove there, while i am sitting waiting to the manager in charge, accidently i met my old friend from my high school batch, and then  we spent 1 hour talking and then finally she helped me negotiate for the price

And after doing negoatiate i got discount price about Usd 120. Wow that’s really make MY DAY!!!Finally my effort to go and meet them is really worthed!! so now i do realize that all my friends, my connections, my relations or my relatives can become a cupon discount for me to help to press the budget!!! Hihihi proud for me for today !!

So about the wedding hall, the due date payment as well they gave me longer periode, i can pay -3 days before the wedding day. Now everything become so easy and negoatible ^_^ !!!

Mr Monkey suppose to be  very so proud to Moomoo for this!!!

2 thoughts on “Blessed Friday

    1. iya Mas, salam kenal dariku, maaf replynya kelamaan baru kembali ke dunia blog, hari H sudah lewat dan hari hari setelahnya adalah intinya banyak suka duka yang jadi pelangi hidup kan hidup ini adalah perjalanan jadi tergantung cara kita menikmatinya ya …

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