Finally…. our big day

Finally after  some days ago Moomoo and Monkey already decided to commiteed for our big day in the end of June for some reason below :

  • Monkey wanna spend the Ramadhan with his wife no more in US, he wanna enjoy Ramadhan in Islamic country offcourse his future country will be INDONESIA Raya.
  • Monkey no more longer wanna stay in US
  • Ramadhan will be in July 8th/9th  will be started and we wanna the marriage held before the Ramadhan month, as no wedding during Ramadhan in Indonesia, so we wanna focuss in Ramadhan for ibadah only.
  • i wanna having a different Ramadhan this year, from single to mingle
  • We choose for saturday so its will be good day to invited our beloved family and friends to come to our simple wedding ceremony
  • End of the month will be more better for some employee as its pay day week hihihi!!
  • And with start with Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Moomoo and Monkey choose 29th June 2013 is will be our big day, might be not pretty no/date but thats the best option we had.

Those all some reason to pick the end of month June as our big day, and countdown days to coming so fast and the after we had decided and i was calling my mother and took some days to find out the good time and long prolog when i did conversation by phone with mom and took some more days to find a very good time to talk to my dad also and finally they gave me green lamp to go *yess !!

I had also talk to my sister before as my sister already in my side since the beginning. Since that day Moomo, Monkey and my sister startinng to do everything from now one, we did underground as my mother told me just do it silently so it will become a big surprise for our family.

Till today i had booked the wedding hall, i had choose the catering for the menu, i had choose the wedding gawn designer, and make up do, and also i had choose my photografer and also our wedding concept..

For all financial budget willl be in Moomoo and Monkey shoulder, hopefully my sister can help, not expecting too much though but i will do my best for my biggest day in my life.

So Many things that i have to do in here, papers for both us, and we also not using wedding organizer to reduce the budget, but i believe Moomoo and Monkey can thru all this smoothly.

Hope for the best for our big day….

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