Time is ticking, and iam so nervous these days, do you know why ?, i just need to do many things from now one for the next 6 months 120 days more to come, I had make a checklist for that and its gonna be 11 pages long checklist Image

I have to do mostly all by myself alone as he is still far away there and my friends and family also has their own activity though… so need to be set up little by litte from now one.

Somehow when i think of all this i felt so nervous, maybe we called it W…… syndrom

No matter what, with, whom, when then i am still have to do this, and will have this moment and euphoria, about to make a very good well planed for my big day in my life and it has to be

once in a life time moment to be waited for all girls on earth

Now try to do as many thing i can do from now, finding good designer for the cards, the dress, for the concept, the place ohh ho ho and sure The Budget will kill us both !!

so we will try to make it simple & elegant !!

Will keep the update !!

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