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As now the author of this blog will be Me & Him, so i re-posting his blog that he make for me to here, that’s our story how finally we meet each other from his version, only about different time from my version as USA and Indonesia has 13 hours different, will be posting from my side in next posting 

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July 17, 2012 at 11:55 am (Uncategorized)

Hello there world, this is going to be a Blog dedicated to the love of my life and the adventures that we are about to embark upon in this life that we will be sharing together.  I want to start off by giving a little history, which will also be added to the “About Us” tab above too, but till then I will add it here.

Me and Siti (By the way my name is Abdulah), met via Skype on June 7th, 2012 and I have to say that was the best day of my life to date.  I will tell you how we met, see I was walking out of Asr prayer at a local Masjid here in Minneapolis, MN USA and I ran into a man that knew Sita and we started to talk and he asked me if I was married and I had told him no and that I was looking to find a good Muslim woman to be with.  He smiled and said I have the perfect woman for you she is from Indonesia, and she is such and such age.  I said that is fine I do not really care, I said then is she a Good Muslim Woman, he stated yes she is I then said ok.

At this point I traded information, email, Skype, and so forth.  I did not really give much credit for I have been down this road before friends want to introduce you to someone then you never here from them.  So several days had gone by and I just happened to be online about 9:18 PM (yes I remember the exact time) and then my Skype rang, I did not know who was calling so I answered it and it was this voice of an Angel on the other end from around the other side of the world and she said my name is Siti and Mr Adam gave me your number and said we should talk.

Ok so we started talking , and can you believe it we talked for almost a complete 14 hours strait.  Never had I ever talked that long to anyone before.  Then from that day forward we have been inseparable, even though she is in Indonesia and I am in Saint Paul, MN USA.

There is a big and I mean Big time difference between the two of us but we seem to work it out pretty well. She is off to work when I am done with work so we talk while she is driving to work , and we talk (in private) when she is at work.  I have to tell you we talked for almost  2 weeks non stop then the words came out that changed the world as I knew it, and the 3 little word where “I Love You”.

On June 17th, exactly 10 days from the time that we started to talk they came out and we have not stopped using them since.  Siti is the best woman that I have ever met and she is the woman that I will spend the rest of my days with Inshallah (إنشالله‎).

We decided to get married and have been making plans to do so.  Now we have set a date of Feb 8th, 2013 to get hitched.  We will be chronicling our journey from here to then for all to see the life we will spend together.  Hope to see you all at the wedding Inshallah (إنشالله‎).

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