can’t sleep

i have write posting for five  paragraph before then suddeny its deleted, argggghh i wanna screaming loudly here 2:25 am and i am still awake, i am watching him working now, thanks to the all gadgets and technology which help us to become so close eventhough we are aparted 8000 miles away and 13 hours different

So happy till i wanna play this song for him, one of my favorite romantic movie

and the lyrics of the song, i wanna dedicate to him ( #Blushing ), as you know he is in Saint Paul, MN USA and i am in Makassar, South Sulawesi Indonesia. i am in A.M now and he is in P.M, for you to know we have sometimes cultural shock problem because my mind is truly Asian minded and he is American minded, his mindset and mine as well sometimes bit different, but from this i learn about “compromise” and so does he.
i am already watching him work since 3 hours ago by that time we talk like i am there, now am so sleepy i might be sleeping with my laptop tonite as my iphone is off now.

so that’s our LDR going now ^_^ need sacrificing your time and setting certain time to be together even only through gadgets, thanks to technology that help us inseperable.

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